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Forecasting versus Prediction

I provide forecasting services. I do not predict. Let me explain the difference. I believe astrology to be a virtually infallible guide to charting the likely stages of emotional, psychological and spiritual development. Knowledge of these phases enable a client to align with his or her internal rhythms, and more effectively pursue their goals. On the other hand, I have not found the track record of predictive astrology to be convincing; nor has it proven itself an effective tool for individual empowerment -- inasmuch as it presupposes a fixed, immutable future. I believe that your efforts matter in the ultimate outcome of any situation. Accordingly, I forecast the cosmic weather and present my opinion as whether this might be a good day for an outdoor picnic, or instead to stay indoors and finish a project. However, If you would prefer someone to try to give you the news of tomorrow today, you might be happier consulting a psychic, and taking your chances.


From my point of view, your consultation and anything discussed during it is treated as absolutely confidential. I give you my ironclad guarantee that I will not discuss your visit, or any material presented within, with anyone. I will not release your chart data without your specific permission. You are, however, free to share the tape of the session, and your experience of it, with anyone you choose.

Cancellation Policy

An Astrological consultation requires much preparation in advance of the session. Therefore, I have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all appointments. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, I will try to reschedule you. However, if you must cancel within this 24 hour window, I will bill you for the session, and require payment in full before I schedule another appointment. Should I have to cancel an appointment within this same 24 hour window, you will be entitled to a compensatory session free-of-charge.


All our sessions are taped. I believe that this provides you with an invaluable opportunity to review the material at your leisure, and deepen your experience of the consultation. I provide the necessary recording equipment and tape stock; however, I cannot be responsible if, due to some rare, unforeseen technical problem, the tape fails to operate. If this concerns you, you are welcome to make your own tape of our session.