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Just The Facts (Astrological, Mythological & Personal Growth Links)

- HPLeft (Human Potential Left)
My newest site. HPLeft will present a chorus of independant voices and views, generally not currently represented in the political dialogue on TV or in major publications. It will bring the wisdom of 12-Step work, personal growth seminars, experiential depth psychology, eastern and western non-traditional spiritual practice and transpersonal astrology to bear on important issues and events of the day.
- Astro*Carto*Graphy [UK]
Supplier of world maps using the astrological technique of displaying planetary lines onto a world map developed by locational astrologer Jim Lewis. Analysis for 3 locations written by Jim and AstroCartoGraphy maps include lines in color, Chiron, the Node, and a listing of latitude crossings and hand-book by Jim.
- StarIQ
Created by Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine, StarIQ.com is a refreshingly unique astrology site that offers personalized forecasts by email, original daily content on astrology and sports, health, celebrities, finance and other subjects, as well as a guide to astrology conferences, organizations and practitioners worldwide.
- The Joseph Campbell Foundation

- ISAR: The International Society for Astrological Research

- The Merriman Market Analyst
Ray Merriman is one of the finest market timers in the world today (and yes, it can be done), bringing together his comprehensive knowledge of cyclical patterns and technical analysis (in both equities and commodities) with completely research-driven astrological turning points. Nobody in his business is always right, but Ray's been been ahead of the curve more times than not. A valuable resource for traders.