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Services and Fees

Basic Natal Consultation$120.00
Expanded Natal Consultation$225.00
Follow Up Sessions [in 15 minute increments]$30.00

A Basic Natal Consultation is an ideal introduction to astrology. This session is one hour in length, and provides an overview of a person's inner world and life path. An Expanded Natal Consultation offers a more comprehensive exploration of these issues as well as, time permitting, a limited survey of upcoming opportunities and challenges. This session is two hours in length. Follow-up sessions offer the chance to continue the work begun in an earlier session, or ask additional questions. All sessions are conducted via telephone or on audio tape. A laser printed chart and tape of the session are included.

Basic Life Update $120.00
Expanded Life Update$175.00

Life is ceaseless change. The circumstances of our lives can shift dramatically from month to month or year to year. A quarterly, semi-annual or annual life update offers invaluable insights into the current cosmic weather. A Basic Life Update session is one hour in length, and the Expanded Life Update is ninety minutes. A cassette tape of our session is included in this price.

Basic Locational Astrology Session -- without ACG map$120.00
Deluxe Basic Locational Astrology Session -- with ACG map$140.00
Expanded Locational Astrology Session -- without ACG map$175.00
Expanded Deluxe Locational Astrology Session -- with ACG map$195.00

This is a technique that allows us to explore our altered circumstances at different places around the globe. Locational astrology makes it possible to connect elements of the psyche with specific countries, peoples and customs: to identify locations where one can more easily come into contact with wished-for experiences of, for instance, financial success, romance or profound transformation. A Basic Locational Astrology session is one hour in length, and the Expanded Locational Astrology session is ninety minutes. The Deluxe consultations include an official ACG AstroCartoGraphy map and a forty-page instruction booklet. When scheduling, I recommend that you provide a list of cities or countries that you are considering, so that these specific locations can be more extensively researched in advance of the appointment. A tape of this session is included in the price.

Relationship Consultations
Information and prices for relationship work are available on request.

Payment Information
I prefer PayPal as payment for all sessions. With PayPal you can use either your credit card or checking account to transfer funds in a secure environment. Just click on the logo for more information. If using a personal check or money order, I require physical receipt of payment in advance of all telephone or taped consultations.

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